PESCANOVA HELLAS represented by Georgos Georgopoulos


Mr. Georgos Georgopoulos


Managing Director at Pescanova Hellas S.A.

Pescanova was created in Spain to offer high quality fish throughout the world. Pescanova is the first company in the world to proceed with the deep freezing of fish and the first to place freezers in supermarkets for the commercialization of its products. Pescanova innovates by building LEMOS, the world’s first freezer vessel which allows for deep freezing on board, thus making it a leader in freshly frozen fish globally.

Almost 60 years after its foundation, Pescanova stays loyal to its values. The company keeps operating as a vertically integrated fishery through certified practices promoting the protection of the living aquatic resources and the marine ecosystem, from fish and seafood sourcing to its commercialization in markets worldwide.

Right now, Pescanova Group has a dynamic presence in all five continents with its own fleet of vessels, aquaculture units and production facilities, employing about 10,000 people and having more than 1Bil turnover. In 2004, they started our operations in Greece, reaching €44mil of Sales in 2019, a year in which they expanded our presence in the Retail Segment (SuperMarkets). They are among the main food suppliers of the Greek business and family and their vision is to bring the freshness of the sea to the plate of all Greeks.

They are proud of their long experience on sea products, as nowadays, the tradition of Pescanova is more relevant than ever, ready to satisfy consumers conscious of a quality diet for health, wellness & delight in their life. 


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